Jeffrey Thompson speaks about Eating Disorders

It? Well, anorexia and bulimia might be kind of the most florid or in-your-face kind of presentations of poor nutrition. But the person who's of a normal body weight, that is, let's say eating one meal a day, right, or eating maybe three meals, but very small meals that are not nutritionally appropriate for, for their body to function. Right. That's going to start to look in some ways like depression, and it sets us up to have a much larger reaction to situational triggers in our environment.

Other types of vulnerabilities could include things like physical illness, chronic pain, things like ongoing stress. Like, I would say that the experience of the pandemic in and of itself increased a lot of people's vulnerability to having a much larger reaction to daily stressors than they would have had if we were not experiencing this thing. It's almost like a global vulnerability that sets all of us up as opposed to an individual vulnerability.