Jamie Jones speaks about Panic Disorders

Yeah I mean panic disorders umm those panic attacks that come up individuals end up in the emergency room I meant they feel like they are having a heart attack and oftentimes display all the symptoms of a heart attack and it that anxiety so I always call it the coke bottle analogy and you kind of shake it up enough it gonna explode and that’s pretty much what happens, that anxiety gets shaken up enough that it explodes and in your heart, you feel like you gonna have a heart attack. So in oftentimes that the first time that people realize that they have this disorder is when it takes a trip to the emergency room to realize “ohh wait maybe I do need to go to therapy and talk to someone you know”. You know it was always thought that stereotypical rich white disease is an eating disorder but it does not discriminate, we see men, women, young, old, white, black I mean all ethnicities so it is so important after especially after patients' day they have to continues with a complete treatment team uhh a nutritionist, a patient-therapist, a family therapist, a psychiatrist because you know the food you need it to live so you have to deal with it three times a day for meals and two times a day for snacks so yeah they have to continue working on that.