Dr. Garrick Klaybor speaks about Schizophrenia

Well, schizophrenia it’s a tough disease, it’s a lifelong disease and it will result in death eventually that’s why it’s so scary yeah it umm, we have treatment we don’t have a cure ok umm now one thing to understand about schizophrenia is that it can range from you know moderate to extremely severe. Moderate being someone who lives day to day and not have you know psychotic symptoms or at least psychotic symptoms are well controlled with medications to people who are experiencing auditory visual hallucinations every single day paranoia every single day and just you know that the baseline, even with some of the strongest medication that we have so to say and umm it a very deleterious disease, it’s very sad very hard for families and umm the interesting thing about schizophrenia is because it usually presents itself in the late teenage, early twenties sometimes all the way up to thirty in some females umm. Because it sets in at that stage of life a lot of people know that it is going to be a deleterious course for them. That’s why the risk for suicide is highest right after diagnosis for the people who are well-educated on the topic. So it is a very scary disease umm and it requires a lot of support a lot of help.