Dr. Garrick Klaybor speaks about Anxiety

Anxiety is definitely a complex diagnosis, and anxiety presents itself. In so many ways, shapes, and forms.

I mean, anxiety can range from your simple social anxiety where you feel like you walk into a grocery store and you feel like everybody's looking at you, staring at you, judging you, thinking about you. Or anxiety can range from obsessions, obsessing about this or that, and constantly going over it in your head. Or it can just be generalized, thinking that the worst thing possible is going to happen, worrying about all your little nuanced things in life, and that nothing is going to turn out right.

And that happens. But treatment. Treatment is available. Treatment with SSRI is usually first-line and works quite well. That combined with therapy, awesome combo. And it's amazing to see someone really engage themselves in treatment and then after a year or so, a totally different person and able to handle anything, it's great.